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The Yacht

Behind every successful sail around the world, there’s a yacht that made it possible.

Peter Steele Yacht Teena-Marie

Peter has named her “Teena Marie,” after his wife.

She’s a Mottle 33, designed by Joe Adams and built by Douglas Brooker in 1978. More specifically, a sailing sloop with a fibreglass mono hull, a single aluminium mast and an integrated lead-filled keel. Teena Marie will be the first Mottle 33 to attempt a solo, non-stop, unassisted circumnavigation of the world.

Length:  10.08m or 33ft

Beam: 3.42m or 11ft

Draft: 1.8m or 6ft

Condition: There’s a lot of work to be done before Teena Marie can be considered seaworthy. Read about Peter’s plans to get her up to speed below!

What needs to be fixed on Teena Marie?

There’s a long list of additions and improvements Peter needs to make to the yacht before he can deem her sea worthy.  Some of the funds raised by Sail 4 Wildlife will be used to give the Teena Marie a new lease on life, and after Peter has made it around the world, she’ll be sold. All proceeds will go toward buying and restoring land for koalas.

To get her ready for the voyage, she requires extensive work including servicing and repairs to existing rigging, sails, winches and other equipment. Here’s the running list of improvements that need to be made before Peter can safely embark on the Sail 4 Wildlife voyage.

Updates and additions

She needs new sails, halyards, sheets, lines, blocks, sheaves and cleats, self-steering equipment, navigation and communication equipment, a radar, an AIS system, a life raft, personal EPIRB, a Jordan series drogue, a desalinator, batteries, solar panels and a wind vane to generate electricity. Plus much more!

It’s going to cost $40,000 to get Teena Marie seaworthy. We need your help.