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Our Mission

To use SPAR’s Sail 4 Wildlife as a major campaign to help save our endangered koalas from extinction.

Greyscale sleeping koala

  • To use the massive publicity generated by Peter’s epic sail to show the world that koalas are endangered and will soon be extinct unless we act now to create safe, permanent koala sanctuaries for their conservation.
  • To use SPAR Sail 4 Wildlife to spearhead World Wildlife Sanctuaries’ Save Koalas from Extinction Campaign.
  • Once we’ve raised the initial $ 40,000 to make Teena Marie safe for Peter to set sail, to use SPAR Sail 4 Wildlife to help World Wildlife Sanctuaries raise $1,000,000 – the estimated initial cost of buying land and creating sanctuaries to successfully start the process of saving our koalas from extinction.

The koala population has been decimated – from around 8,000,000 to about 40,000. And, we continue to lose them at the rate of about 8.5% every year. The main cause is loss of habitat. We continue to destroy their natural habitat to make way for urban and rural development to meet the needs of our ever-increasing human population. Koalas have no chance of survival unless we buy land and establish safe permanent sanctuaries for their conservation.

All we need right now is $40,000 to make our yacht – Teena Marie – safe for Peter to sail her around the world.

SPAR Sail 4 Wildlife will save our koalas from Extinction!

It’s their best option for survival

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