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Join us and become one of the first Charity Challenge World Record Holders!



Your chance to make or break a world record.

This challenge has been registered as a Charity Challenge World Record Event. You may compete in the challenge either solo or as a member of a team in different age and gender divisions.

It’s a new World Record, so if you or your team is the first to compete in your division, you will be recorded as a Charity Challenge World Record Holder for that division!

You’ll get a Charity Challenge World Record Certificate to prove it to your friends – plus bragging rights. Your name will also be entered in the Charity Challenge Book of World Records for the Event and Division.

Registration fee

Charity Challenge World Record Events are held to raise funds for a charitable cause. The registration fee to compete in this challenge is:

  • For a solo competitor: $50AUD
  • For a member of a team: $50AUD

This amount is payable when you apply to be registered to participate in the challenge. The monies raised through the registration fees are all paid to World Wildlife Sanctuaries to help its campaign to save koalas from extinction.

Amber Milon Challenge

Your challenge

  • Ride a minimum distance of 40,000 metres (40 kms) on an exercise bike at an approved gymnasium
  • Whether you ride solo or as a team member, you must ride the full distance of 40 kms
  • You are not required to ride the whole distance in one session, instead you may cover it in multiple sessions – provided the distances ridden and times taken to ride the distances are recorded at each session
  • Your challenge ends as soon as you complete an aggregate distance of 40 kms
  • The total time on the bike to complete the distance will be your performance time and your challenge is to attempt to achieve your quickest performance time
  • If you complete the distance as a solo rider in your division in the quickest time, you be recognised as the solo Charity Challenge World Record Holder for the division
  • If your team completes the full distance as a team in its division in the quickest time, the team will be recognised as the team Charity Challenge World Record Holder for the division


This challenge is open to anyone aged 18 years or older, to participate solo or as a member of a team according to gender or age.

Teams may be made up of 2,4,6,8 or 10 people. Teams may be all male, all female or mixed, as long as there’s an even number of each gender. Each person in the team must ride 40 kms.

Every solo competitor may only compete within his or her age group and every team may only compete if every member of the team is within the same age group.

Age groups

  1. From 18 – 24
  2. 25 – 34
  3. 35 – 44
  4. 45 – 54
  5. 55 – 64
  6. 65 – 74
  7. 75 – 84
  8. 85 +

Ready to cover some kilometres and save the koalas?

If you’re interested in taking part, email Peter at and let him know you’re keen to register. He’ll send you the application to register, Terms & Conditions and everything else you need to know. In your email, please include the following:

  • Full name, address, phone number, gender, DOB, whether you’d like to compete in a team or solo and if you’re in a team, the number of members and their genders.

Send email to register!