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Koalas are rapidly heading for extinction.

Humans are the main cause. Deforestation has destroyed their natural habitat, and without it koalas can’t survive. It’s decimated their population, down from 8,000,000 to about 40,000. It’s been happening for a while, but the situation is now critical.

Peter’s target is to raise $40,000 to kick-start his campaign to Save Koalas by massively publicising it around the world.

Back view of Peter's yacht

Help Peter at 82 years old, attempt a record-breaking sail around the world; solo, non-stop and unassisted to save koalas from extinction.

Peter’s amazing voyage – will be a fantastic achievement that will create many ocean sailing world records and will generate massive publicity around the world.

Our aim is to use the publicity to let the world know about the massive destruction of wildlife habitat and the rapid decline of koala population and raise funds for World Wildlife Sanctuaries to save our native wildlife from extinction.

Peter only needs $40,000 (Australian) to get the campaign off the ground.

The $40,000 will be used to equip and make the yacht “Teena Marie” seaworthy for her voyage. After the yacht has completed campaigning for the koalas, she will be sold and the money will be paid to World Wildlife Sanctuaries for the koalas.

So right now, he’s urgently raising the $40,000 needed.

Time is running out for koalas, so we need your help to raise the awareness and funds to make the difference.

The $ 40,000 (Australian) will be used to:

  • Strengthen the yacht’s rigging
  • Acquire and fit an inner forestay
  • Acquire a new main sail, genoa and storm jib
  • Acquire safety equipment, including a Jordan series drogue
  • Acquire and fit additional navigational equipment
  • Acquire and fit an AIS system
  • Acquire and fit short and long range communication equipment
  • Acquire and fit solar panels
  • Acquire and fit a wind vane
  • Acquire a further bank of batteries and upgrade the electrical system
  • Acquire and fit a self steering system
  • Acquire a life raft and various safety equipment
  • Acquire and fit additional fuel storage
  • Acquire a radar and alarm system
  • Undertake modifications to the yacht, including watertight bulkheads
  • Acquire various other miscellaneous items

Please Support Peter to help our Koalas

With your help, Peter hopes to complete work on his yacht, so he can set sail on Saturday the 1st, September 2018. To achieve the ultimate sailing world record for an 82 year old, he must sail a minimum of 40,003 kms along the pictured route.

World Map Sail 4 Wildlife

Learn more about his voyage

I’m asking you to please help me raise $40,000 so I can get my yacht ready as soon as possible. If I’m ready to start my sail on 1 September 2018, I’ll avoid winter in the Southern Ocean. The long term weather forecast for winter in the Southern Ocean is not good.

Peter Steele, founder of World Wildlife Sanctuaries and Sail 4 Wildlife

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